More Love, Less Handles

Below is an article that featured an office that is very similiar to our office.  A focus on complete spinal care including adjustments, traction, Power Plate core strength training, and K-laser for tissue repair.   We are proud to be associated with a movement in spinal care that is the “best of the best”!  As you feel better, you move better.  And as you move better, you express more love and yes, less handles 🙂
If those handles need some help melting away remember our Nutrition and Weight Loss Seminar this wednesday evening the 15th at 6:45 pm.  Don’t miss it!
Wishing you all the love and less handles this Valentines day!
Dr. Hanson

One Stop Wellness Shop: Windsor Spine and Wellness Center

Wednesday, 8 February 2012 by jessica.mefferd

I see a chiropractor in Southern California regularly. It’s a pretty basic office—a few adjustment rooms and a small area with a few types of traction—so when I visited the Windsor Spine and Wellness Center in Colorado this month, I was absolutely floored.

Now, you’re probably wondering: What makes this chiropractic office so special? Well, I’ll start with the fact that it’s more than just a chiropractic office; it’s a complete wellness center with nine Power Plate machines. That’s right—NINE! More importantly, Windsor Spine Center is utilizing their Power Plate machines in myriad ways: physical therapy and rehabilitation, weight loss, sports and fitness training, and personal training, to name a few.

As if their list of offerings isn’t impressive enough, I was amazed by the seamless flow in the office. I kept counting the patients in the office—which was between 30 and 50 the entire day. It would be easy for chaos to ensue with that many people moving station to station throughout the office, but Windsor Spine Center is a well-oiled machine. The entire staff of 16—the doctors, the physical therapists, the weight loss coach, even the front desk staff—are Power Plate certified. Everyone is qualified to give demonstrations and answer questions the patients have about whole body vibration.

But it doesn’t stop at the patients. The Windsor Spine Center staff trains with Power Plate, too! When the office closed and all of the patients had left, the staff members changed into their workout clothes and rocked a Power Plate/TRX class. Does it get any more awesome than that?

You can learn more about Windsor Spine Center at Be sure to check out their amazing Power Plate testimonials!

-Niccole Burns, Power Plate Marketing Manager